Molar Pregnancy : Symptoms, cause and treatment

Welcome to our blog, Today we will know about Molar pregnancy in detail. We tried very well to describe types, symptoms, cause and treatment related to molar pregnancy. Mainly there are two types of molar pregnancy, first one is partial molar pregnancy and second one is complete molar pregnancy. Know who are at Risk of having Molar pregnancy ? Read complete blog to experience good knowledge. This blog is written by our experts, who wrote well researched blog. I hope this blog will help you.

What is Molar pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is the period in which a fetus develops inside a women’s womb or uterus. Molar Pregnancy occurs when there is a difficulty with zygote which means a victual do not develop the way it should be after conception. Its a very rare complications of Pregnancy. In Molar Pregnancy there is an unusual growth of cells called trophoblast. These cells typically wilt the organ that feeds a growing fetus. That organ moreover is known as the placenta.

This kind of pregnancy doesn’t last because the placenta usually (can’t give food to keep alive)or grow a baby at all. In rare cases, it may moreover lead to health risks for mom. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes. Both mother and father have one set each. 

These structures siphon information that tells the body’s cells what to do. In a molar gestation, there’s an uneaten set of chromosomes that comes from the father. Fertilized egg can’t survive in this when it happens. It generally dies a many weeks into the  gestation.

Cause of Molar pregnancy

When the fertilization of the egg goes wrong by the sperm a molar pregnancy takes place. This leads to the growth of (different from what’s usually expected) cells or groups together of water-filled sacs inside the womb. Molar pregnancies are caused by a (too much of one thing and not enough of another) in (related to tiny chemical assembly instructions inside of living things) material (genetic information storage areas) in the pregnancy.

Molar Pregnancy can also be called moles, a hydatidiform mole, or gestational trophoblastic disease. A molar pregnancy can have serious difficulties, including a rare form of cancer. A molar pregnancy needs/demands early treatment.

Types of Molar pregnancy

There are two types of molar pregnancy are following :-

  1. Partial Molar Pregnancy : A partial molar pregnancy happens when both the placenta and embryo (fertilized egg) are abnormal, the mother’s (genetic information storage areas) are present, but the father supplies two sets of (genetic information storage areas). The (animal in a very early life stage) then has 69 (genetic information storage areas) instead of 46. This most often happens when two sperm (allow an egg to grow and develop into a living thing) an egg, resulting in an extra copy of the father’s (tiny chemical assembly instructions inside of living things).
  2. Complete Molar Pregnancy : A complete molar pregnancy happens when there’s an unwanted placenta, but no embryo, one or two sperm (allow an egg to grow and develop into a living thing) an egg. The genetic information storage areas from the mother’s egg are missing or don’t work. The father’s genetic information storage areas are copied. There’s none from the mother. In a complete molar pregnancy, no parts of a baby (related to a baby in the womb) tissue form. Only molar tissues are present in the womb. The placental tissue grows but is different from what’s usually expected and contains fluid-filled lumps in the body or tumors. This tissue produces the pregnancy (Chemical produced by the body) HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is made by a healthy placenta during pregnancy. This can make you feel like you’re (having a baby developing inside the body) and give you a positive pregnancy test.
Types of molar pregnancy
Types of Molar pregnancy (Image source : Science Direct)

Symptoms of Molar pregnancy

At first a molar pregnancy might like a normal pregnancy. But most molar pregnancies cause signs of sickness that can include :

  • Brown color watery discharge 
  • In the first three months of pregnancy bleeding starts from your vagina 
  • Nausea and vomiting that are more frequent or extreme than what’s (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) during pregnancy
  • Too much pressure and pain in your pelvic area 
  • Sacs (they look like groups of grapes) that pass out of your vagina
  • Swelling or pain in the abdomen 
  • Anemia (iron-deficiency)

Beside this in the first trimester of pregnancy most of the symptoms are also found. If it is not found in the first three months, signs of sickness also include :

  • A uterus growing quickly and stuff too large early in the pregnancy
  • Overactive thyroid is also known as hyperthyroidism
  • Preeclampsia — A condition that causes upper thoroughbred pressure and protein in the urine — surpassing 20 weeks of pregnancy
  • Ovarian cyst : A fluid-filled sac in the ovary.

Risk of having Molar pregnancy

Women’s under age of 30 to 40 years are more likely to have molar pregnancy or those who had one earlier molar pregnancy are increasingly likely to have another. Have one or two miscarriages. Less than 1 out of 1000 are likely to have molar pregnancy.

Treatment of Molar pregnancy

  • The most common treatment for molar pregnancy is operation. People often require surgical treatment to remove molar pregnancies.
  • Removal of your uterus (womb) through hysterectomy a surgical process after this surgery you can’t be pregnant or menstruate.
  • Drug Treatment – Oxytocin is a type of drug that is used to treat the uterus to its normal size.
  • It is also removed by dilation and curettage surgical procedure also called D&C. A surgical procedure in which the cervix is opened (expanded/widened) and a thin tool is inserted into the uterus.

Conclusion :

So, In this blog we discussed what is molar pregnancy, types , symptoms and treatment of it. I hope you observed knowledge from this blog. Definitely it will help you in health awareness related to pregnancy.

Dear readers if you like this blog or this blog is going to help you then please share it with your friends/family. Please do check out other page of our website and read more topics related to selfcare before and during pregnancy. Before taking any decision, Please consult your health advisor. Thanks a lot again.


How many types of Molar pregnancy ?

Partial molar pregnancy and complete molar pregnancy are the two types of Molar pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of Molar pregnancy ?

Nausea, Vomiting and too much pressure and pain in pelvic area are the initial symptoms of Molar pregnancy.

What is the best treatment for Molar pregnancy ?

Dilation and curettage (D&G) is the best treatment for Molar pregnancy.

Can a Molar pregnancy cause cancer later in life ?

It can happen after any pregnancy but there is more likely after molar pregnancy.

Who is responsible for molar pregnancy ?

A sperm from the father is responsible for complete Molar pregnancy.

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