Unlocking the Potential: 9 Creative Ways to Utilize Your Placenta Post-Birth

While the idea of doing various things with your placenta after birth might seem unconventional, it’s a personal choice, and some parents find significance and meaning in these options. Here are some creative and unique things you can do with your placenta:

  1. Eat Your Placenta: Placentophagy, the practice of consuming one’s placenta, has gained popularity. Some people encapsulate it into pill form, add it to smoothies, or even eat it raw or cooked. Although there isn’t scientific proof of its health benefits, some parents report increased energy, mood stability, and improved milk production. However, there are also risks, including potential contamination.
  2. Donate Your Placenta: You can choose to donate your placenta to help with medical needs like reconstructive procedures, wound healing, ocular procedures, and spinal surgeries. The process must be done through an accredited tissue bank, and your healthcare provider may need to assist with the necessary authorization or paperwork.
  3. Make a Placenta Salve: Placenta salves are believed to aid in the healing of C-section scars, perineal tears, and cracked nipples. These salves can be a natural alternative to commercial skincare products.
  4. Make Jewelry: Have your placenta made into jewelry, such as pendants, bracelets, or earrings. It serves as a beautiful keepsake and conversation starter, commemorating your pregnancy.
  5. Plant Your Placenta: Some parents plant their placenta in the yard, symbolizing the connection to the earth or as a reminder of the bond with their baby. It’s a meaningful way to honor the placenta’s role in nourishing the baby before birth.
  6. DIY a Placenta Shirt: Create a unique and personal piece of clothing by making a placenta-printed onesie or toddler T-shirt. This can be a crafty way to capture a part of your birthing experience.
  7. Create Placenta Art: Make placenta prints, like the popular “Tree of Life” design, to hang in your home as a reminder of your baby’s beginnings. It’s a creative and artistic way to celebrate the placenta’s significance.
  8. Bury Your Placenta: Instead of having your placenta disposed of as medical waste, consider burying it in your yard or garden. Some families conduct a simple ceremony to honor the placenta’s role in nourishing their baby.
  9. Buy a Placenta Photo Frame: Frame your baby’s first photo in a picture frame made from your placenta. While unconventional, it can be a meaningful way to commemorate your child’s birth.

Remember that these choices are highly personal and vary in cultural significance and symbolism. It’s essential to consult with your healthcare provider and be aware of potential risks, especially when considering placenta consumption. Additionally, make sure to check your local regulations and hospital policies regarding the disposal and use of placentas.

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