Top 3 Indoor Games for Kids and Families: Fun Ideas for Home Entertainment

Keeping kids entertained during indoor time, especially during isolation, can be a challenge, but it’s essential for their well-being and your sanity. Here are some indoor game ideas to keep both you and your kids entertained:

  1. Hopscotch:
    • Materials: Paper tape or glow-in-the-dark tape, old socks
    • Instructions: Create a hopscotch table on your floor using tape and number the squares 1-7. Use old socks as markers and hop your way through the game. For adults, make it more interesting with shots instead of socks (drink responsibly).
  2. Web Corridor:
    • Materials: Twine, scissors, painting tape
    • Instructions: Tape strings of twine from wall to wall in your corridor to mimic a spider web. Weave yourselves through the web without touching the twine. If you touch it, start over.
  3. Paper Worms:
    • Materials: Colored paper, scissors, straws, pen
    • Instructions: Cut colored paper into strips, fold them to create a worm shape, and draw a face on one end. Make multiple paper worms with different colors. Use a straw to blow the worms and have races.

You can also explore subscription services like Little Passports, which offer engaging activities to keep kids entertained and learning.

Additionally, consider these activities to keep kids occupied indoors:

  • Reading: Encourage reading by turning books into plays, creating characters out of plasticine, or drawing your own illustrations. It’s a great way to stimulate creativity.
  • Educational Kits: Explore science and art kits like those from Green Kids Crafts, suitable for various age groups, to keep kids engaged and learning.

Remember, a jar filled with activity ideas can be a lifesaver when you hear the dreaded “Mom, I’m bored!” You can create a jar with a variety of fun indoor activities to keep kids entertained during isolation.

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