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by Amanda Wheeland


Welcome to my site mom and baby!  This is Amanda Wheeland, mother of two hyperactive boys. We are traveling all around the world. We have visited most of the middle eastern countries Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu-Dhabi, Jordan, Asian countries too like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam. I also visited most of the European countries France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Prague, Poland. Due to my husband’s job we lived in Houston, Texas, USA. Both my kids were born in Methodist hospital, Sugarland,  Texas USA. Recently we moved into the country famous for its windmill and tulip; yes it is the Netherlands. I visited lots of countries with two boys, gained lots of experience and that’s why I think I need to write down my own experience and share my opinion with others. So, as the owner, I believe my own website is the best platform to share my story.


Raising two kids in international countries without any help and support is very difficult. Lots of moms similar to me live abroad and face similar difficulties but on the other hand, truly enjoy being moms to raise our young ones. I am here to give you different kinds of product reviews, share information, and experience related to baby products. 


Activities For Moms and Babies


Instead of waiting until your newborn reaches a certain age, to begin building a relationship with him/her, it is better to begin right now. The little things are a good place to the beginning and most often than not, babies are easy to please, therefore, you do not need to worry about disappointing them.

Perhaps you might have seen or heard this before and that is, after taking a toy out of the box, instead of playing with the toy, the infant opts for playing with the box. Yes, the toy is ignored, at least for a little while and the box is the center of his/her attention.


Indeed, they are easy to please and as mothers, building a loving relationship with one’s child is usually the aim. Therefore, beginning at this tender age is a step in the right direction. With this in mind, there are several things that you can do to help in the building process:


Take a Walk with mom and baby


Early morning walks with the baby will not only give you the opportunity to catch up on or keep in line with your exercise routine, but it will also give the baby a chance to breathe in some early morning fresh air. At this time the sun is usually kept at bay and there are not many vehicles on the road. Which means it is a good condition for babies to be out and about.


It’s never too early to read to your child, therefore, there is no time like the present. Read to him/her every day and it does not have to be for a very long time and as the baby grows, you can increase the reading a little at a time. Also, do not be afraid of doing some or all the actions that go with the story. Your little one will enjoy it. It’s a great time to share your knowledge and makes bonding between mom and baby.

Simply Play

Simply play with your baby. Make faces and make sounds with your voice and anything that you can use and if he/she is of age, you can play tag and, before you know it, your little one will be laughing all over. You can play with your child shortly after changing time and you can set aside a little time every day. In fact, whenever the opportunity is there, grab it and play with your loved one.

Library etc.

Sometimes, the public libraries have programs that are specially designed for moms and babies, so you can check those out. Additionally, you can check out places such as a resource center to see what programs are available. Some of them may be free, and some may cost a fee.