How to teach baby to go down stairs ?

Welcome to our blog. Today we will know about how to teach baby to go down stairs ? Staircases will grab your baby’s interest as soon as she begins crawling and walking. This is the time to be extra cautious and install suitable gates near the steps. You should also teach her proper climbing techniques. Remember that climbing the stairs is considerably easier for a toddler to learn. Down climbing is more difficult since it takes greater balance. If you are not paying attention when your child is climbing down, she could injure herself. Read the entire blog for useful tips. Our experts conducted significant research before writing this article.

Some simple ways to help you to teach baby to go down stairs

Experts estimate that a child falls down the stairs every six minutes in the United States, making it one of the leading causes of childhood injury. By being active and focusing on stair safety from the start, you will have more peace of mind when your kid is ready to use the stairs. Continue reading for the best strategies to teach baby to go down stairs :

Stair Safety Basics

It is necessary to begin your journey with safe steps. Before allowing your child to use the stairs , Baby-proof the top and bottom of each stairs.

While you don’t want to make the stairs an area of the house your child is barred from using, you do want to take precautions to ensure that no accidents happen if you’re not right there.

The Academy of Pediatrics suggests installing safety gates at the top and bottom of steps, clearing the staircase of any toys or other tripping hazards, keeping the staircase well-lit, prohibiting your child from carrying anything, and promoting the use of stairs with handrails.

As you teach baby to go down stairs , the ideal starting point is to give your child restricted access to only three steps. You can make the entire staircase available after they have confidence climbing three stairs, once more under close parental supervision.

Getting Off the Steps

One of the safe way to teach your baby to go down stairs by simply putting your child’s feet forward while having them slide down each step on their bottoms.

We advise practice moving down one step at a time by beginning at the lowest step. You may either stand in front of your baby and hold their hands while you assist them gently down, or you can sit behind them and encourage them to scoot.

Increase the number of steps you go up after they are confident moving down one, so they can get some experience moving down several steps at once.

Climbing Backward Down Stairs

Before she begins trying on her own , teach your baby to go down stairs by introducing her some down-climbing techniques.

Keep your child in the same position as they climbed the steps and assist them in climbing down the stairs backwards. They should not slide on their bellies because speed can take over. Encourage them to take it slow when going down, utilizing the same ascending action.

You should stand behind your child so you may step in as soon as they fall or begin to stumble.

Walking Down The Stairs

Around 12-18 months, most kids begin to walk. One of the safest way to teach your baby to go down stairs by training her to walk down by beginning with the bottom three steps. When your child glides comfortably down the stairs in sitting positions.

Because young children prefer to emulate what they see, they may be eager to follow you up the steps. We propose starting with the final few stages, like we did with the first two ways.

Encourage your children to balance by holding onto the railing or a wall. Slowly and steadily, take one step at a time.

Remove all distractions so that your baby is completely focused on the activity at hand, and make sure to be near by, preferably in front of them, to catch any falls.

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Practice Going Up And Down The Stairs

Most babies can begin climbing little stairs at approximately nine months of age. You may help them improve their fine movement and big muscle abilities in a safe atmosphere by having them practice going up and down stairs. The more you practice these skills to teach your baby to go down stairs, the more control they will have as they learn to properly travel through the steps.

Going up is often accomplished before going down, so don’t be concerned if your baby does not have the coordination to master both right once. As young children get bigger and better as their curiosity takes over, they will soon be attempting to climb every piece of furniture they can discover!

To teach baby to go down stairs easily , Practice stair climbing with your child until he or she has mastered the skill. Train them on the steps at home, on a step stool, outside at the playground, at friends’ houses when you visit, or even while out on errands. Practice makes perfect, and attempting many sorts of stairs in various situations can help your child to refine their abilities.

Even with all of your preparation, don’t let your guard down. Unless you are directly supervising your child, be sure that all steps are fully baby-proofed.


So in this blog we have talked about how to teach baby to go down stairs ? Your toddler should be able to effortlessly climb the stairs by now. Stay close to her and remind her to hang on to the staircase constantly to ensure she doesn’t lose her balance. Teach your baby to go down stairs by showing her a few steps down, and once she can naturally hold on to the safety rail, you may let your baby to go down stairs on her own.

These down-climbing strategies can give your baby the confidence she needs to explore the stairs on her own. But don’t speed through the procedure. Take it one step at a time and keep encouraging your child. If you liked or thought this article interesting or useful, please share it with your friends and family. Visit our other website area to learn more about self-care throughout pregnancy and after birth. I thank you for it.

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At what age you can teach your baby to go down stairs ?

You can teach your baby to go down stairs between 17 to 20 months.

At what age may babies go up and down stairs by their own ?

By the age of 2 your baby can go up and down the stairs by their own.

How can i stop my baby from climbing the stairs ?

Install baby gates at both the bottom and the top of the stairs to stop your baby from climbing the stairs.

What kind of baby gates are good for installing ?

Hardware-mounted styles gates are good for installing.

What is the alternative for baby gates ?

A fabric barrier at both the bottom and the top of the stairs is best alternative for baby gates.

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