How to teach baby to drink from straw ?

Welcome to our blog. Today we will know about how to teach baby to drink from straw ? Learning to use a straw can be a helpful bridge if your child is an expert at using a sippy cup but is not quite ready to switch to a big kid open cup. A significant developmental milestone for your youngster, straw cups are an improvement over sippy cups. 

Straw cups not only strengthen your child’s mouth and tongue muscles and safeguard the alignment of their teeth, but they also aid in the development of speaking and swallowing abilities, which are essential for eating and drinking in later life. Stay tuned because we’ve got all the advice you need if you’re wondering how to teach baby to drink from straw. To learn useful information, read the full blog. Before creating this article, our professionals did a comprehensive investigation. I sincerely hope you find this website to be useful.

How to teach baby to drink from straw ?

Now let’s get to the point of this article. How to teach baby to drink from straw ? Try to get a standard straw into their mouth first. No spillage straw cups need you to suck quite hard, thus it’s important that it is simply a regular old straw. A newborn could attempt to suck and quit up if they don’t immediately succeed. Who knows, they might embrace it without your assistance straight immediately. They’ll probably just hold their lips open or rest their tongue on it rather than sucking.

If your child is using a sippy cup for some time, it might surprise you to learn that they can quickly adapt to using a straw cup. However, the following suggestions should be tried to teach baby to drink from straw if they require a little assistance:

  • Start out by adding just a little amount of water to the cup. Giving them a little at a time will help you minimize any mess that may result from teaching them how to drink using a straw while also allowing you to increase the quantity as they gain confidence.
  • Try this approach if your baby is having trouble , place the straw in their mouth, and dip the end of straw into a thicker puree , which is frequently simpler for babies to handle with their lips and swallow and serve it to your baby like a spoon. This will make it easier for their lips to become used to the straw’s shape. Wait a few seconds before removing the straw from their mouth so they may begin sucking. You may then go on to thinner liquids, like water, once they have mastered using the straw.
  • Put a finger over one end of a straw’s opening and fill it with liquid to keep it in place. Then, drip the liquid into their mouth gradually using the straw’s other end. Release your finger slowly and more slowly so that your child has exert a little more effort and sucking to receive what they desire from the straw.

When helping to teach baby to drink from straw, you can rehearse these instructions multiple times during the day. Simply try again the next day if they appear indifferent or won’t even try. They will eventually realize what has to be done, and teach baby to drink from straw will become second nature. 

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At what age you can teach baby to drink from straw ?

First, let’s discuss age. By the time they are 9 months old, the majority of parents teach baby to drink from straw . Toddlers often learn it on their own by the age of 2. This change takes place when your baby starts eating solid meals and discontinue from breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The timing might vary because every baby develops at their own pace.

Some important word of warning , if a baby or toddler is sucking on a straw quickly, it might force them to swallow too quickly and cause them to choke on the liquid. The majority of us take for granted that we can swallow. When anything “moves down to the wrong pipe,” liquid may enter our lungs and cause us to cough to remove it. It is acceptable if this happens once in a while, but if it does so frequently (as it could with newborns), you might want to give up the straw until they get the hang of it, or give them something heavier to drink instead, such as milk, milkshakes, or even applesauce. If not, they could get pneumonia.

Additionally, make sure they are sitting because a toddler may find it challenging to handle walking and swallowing. If your child is older than 15 months and continues coughing when using a straw, consult their pediatrician.

Do straw cups are good for children’s teeth ?

Sippy cups aren’t harmful for toddlers’ teeth, but continuous use of them may cause certain oral health problems. For this reason, they should only be used as temporary cups before switching to either a straw cup or an open cup.

Due to the fact that they need a little more effort to use than a sippy cup, straw cups assist your youngster to acquire more sophisticated sucking and swallowing techniques. Additionally, it strengthens the mouth muscles of your child, which is important for speech development.

Which type of straw cups are good for children’s teeth ?

You are wondering which type of straw cups are good for children’s teeth , here take a look as there are different types of straw cups which you can use to teach baby to drink from straw :

  • As they are gentle to your child’s teeth and gums than hard plastic straws, pick a straw cup with a silicone straw that is flexible and soft.
  • Your kid can practice using a straw without making a mess if you use leak-proof straw cups.
  • Look for a straw cup that is simple for your youngster to handle with both hands and is ergonomically made.
  • Cleaning straw cups will be significantly more effective if the sections are easily removed.
  • Your youngster will find it simpler to use a straw that is a little thicker and has a larger nozzle.


So in this blog we have discussed about how to teach baby to drink from straw ? As you see your baby develop and begin to perform more chores on her own, training a new skill like to teach baby to drink from straw could be enjoyable. Your newborn will benefit much from your patience and understanding of her requirements as she grows. Giving yourself and your child the best will enable us to empower moms like you to enjoy parenthood.

During playtimes, keep the straw cup nearby as well because your kid will be more active and thirsty. She will be able to use her straw cup on her own gradually if you frequently assist to teach baby to drink from straw. Tell your loved ones about this article if you enjoyed or thought it may be helpful. Learn more about self-care throughout pregnancy and after birth by visiting our other website section. I’m appreciative.

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When to teach baby to drink from straw ?

Though it may vary depending on the child, the ideal time to teach baby to drink from straw is between 9 to 15 months of age.

How to start to teach baby to drink from straw ?

Start with little amount of water or puree and let your baby to start drinking from straw , when the baby shows interest then you can continue using the straw.

Can a six month old baby drink from straw ?

Yes a six month old baby can drink from straw.

Is straw drinking helps in speech therapy ?

Yes , It could help your child in developing some of the exact oral motions necessary for good speaking, including as tongue retraction, lip rounding, and cheek tension.

Which is better straw cups or sippy cups ?

Straw cups are a step up from sippy cups and can assist older infants and toddlers in learning how to drink before progressing to an open cup. While straw cups appear to be similar to sippy cups due to the fact they both need a sucking action, they can assist strengthen the muscles surrounding the mouth and tongue and also protect teeth alignment.

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