How to sleep with Pregnancy pillow ?

Sleep with pregnancy pillow : Today we will know about how to sleep with pregnancy pillow ? What is Pregnancy Pillow ? What are the different types of pregnancy pillow ? Managing sleep during pregnancy may be challenging especially in the second and the third trimesters. It goes without saying that aches and pains accompany a developing belly. Back sleep frequently advised against after your first trimester. We are aware that sleeping on the same side every night may cause you to feel restless. However, the greatest thing you can do to protect both you and your unborn child during pregnancy is to sleep on your side. During the night, pregnancy (and even after) can cause an increase in body temperature and nighttime sweats.

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What is Pregnancy Pillow ?

A pregnancy pillow, additionally known as a maternity pillow, is created specifically to support or relieve strain on the entire body, not just the head and neck. In order to fit a woman’s changing body throughout her pregnancy, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are often bigger than your typical pillow.

How to sleep with pregnancy pillow with types ?

What works for someone else might not necessarily work for you, just like any other type of pillow. It might take a little experimentation to find the appropriate pillow ; you could prefer a wedge to a body pillow or memory foam to cotton fill.
Luckily, there are many options to choose from. The majority of pillows may be categorized by shape, with various sizes serving various purposes :

Pregnancy pillow with a “U” shape

You may use U-shaped pillows to support your entire body, including your head, neck, back, tummy, knees, and even ankles. Since you don’t need to flip the form with you or change the headrest portion, it’s perfect for women who are most used to sleeping on their backs who regularly wake up during the night from tossing and turning. As a result of this, a U-shaped body pillow is a fantastic choice for both pregnant and picky sleepers. Due to its size, the U-shaped pregnancy pillow is usually the most costly option. You might want to consider the other choices on our list if you and your spouse share a full or possibly even queen-size bed so that it doesn’t occupy the entire mattress.

How to sleep with pregnancy pillow of U shape ?

A U-shaped pregnancy pillow is used by flipping it over so that the “U” is on the inside. Your head should rest on the bottom of the “U” while your feet should stay between the pillow’s opening.

Pregnancy pillow with a “C” shape

The head, neck, back, and pelvic region are supported and comfortably supported by C-shaped cushions. They are fantastic in releasing any pelvic tension and lowering ankle and leg retention of fluid. Because you will need to adjust the pillow with you whenever you change sides, these pillows aren’t the greatest choice for combination sleepers who prefer to alter positions or toss and turn frequently during the night. The open-sided form of the C-shaped cushion, which allows for a range of uses and shapes, makes it one of the greatest choices for plus-sized ladies. 

How to sleep with pregnancy pillow of C shape ?

The majority of women utilize a C-shaped pillow by placing the entrance of the “C” close to their tummy and allowing the curving section to support their back.

Pregnancy Pillow in J Shape

This one may also be referred to as a pillow in the form of a candy cane. Support for the head, neck, and back is excellent. The J-shape pregnancy pillow is used similarly to the U-shaped pregnancy pillow, with the exception that it is smaller and lacks the extra side. It is therefore a preferable choice for smaller beds or for cuddly couples. If you intended to use this cushion while sitting, you might want to choose the U-shaped body pillow instead because the missing side limits its usability for that purpose.

How to sleep with pregnancy pillow of J shape ?

There are a few ways to arrange your J-shaped pillow when it’s time for bed. You may choose whether the long side should rest on your belly or your back, and if the curved half should lay between your knees or below your head.

Pregnancy Pillow in Wedge Shape

The wedge-shaped pillow may be used beneath a pregnant tummy or to raise the upper body whether you’re sitting or sleeping. Because you can put a heated pad or cooling pack between yourself and the wedge, these are ideal for people who experience extremes of heat or cold when they sleep. Heartburn can be relieved by sleeping on one’s side, whether one is pregnant or not.

How to sleep with pregnancy pillow of wedge shape ?

Pillows in a wedge shape are also compact and portable. To use one, just place it beneath your tummy when sleeping on your side while pregnant.

Pregnancy Pillow in Body Shape

These pillows are similar to standard pillows or U-shaped body pillows but are longer. Although they don’t offer much back or hip support, they are wonderful to snuggle. For the people who don’t actually need to be pregnant but want to utilize pillows to make their sleep more comfortable, body pillows are increasingly common. Additionally, they are frequently the most affordable kind of pregnancy pillow.

How to sleep with pregnancy pillow of body shape ?

A body pillow may be used in any way you choose, whether you want to cuddle it as you sleep, arrange it to support your stomach, or tuck it in between your legs.

Remember that these pregnancy pillows are not just for women who are pregnant. You may consider purchasing one of these pregnancy pillows if you have problems falling asleep at night due to knee or back discomfort. Additionally, you may use them when lying in bed, sitting in a chair, or even driving for extended periods of time.

Extra points : Keep the cushion around after the baby is born since it will help you recover after giving birth.

Adjustable Bed Base During Pregnancy

Consider purchasing an adjustable bed base if you plan on spending a lot of time in bed while pregnant. The head and foot of the bed may be adjusted to your preferred height, and some of these bases even include extra functions that are great for expectant mothers (such anti-snoring and a variety of massage modes).

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Pregnancy Sleep Tips : Improve Your Quality of Sleep

The first step to more comfortable sleep during pregnancy is a great pregnancy pillow, but there are other things you can do. It is necessary that you pay attention to usual sleeping recommendations when pregnant. The following are some helpful tips  :

  • If considered safe by a professional, engage in daytime exercise to lessen cramps at night.
  • Reduce your fluid intake a few hours prior to bed to prevent waking up to use the restroom.
  • Reduce your risk of at night nausea and heartburn by snacking on bland, nourishing meals like rice and avoiding spicy ones.
  • Before night, soothe yourself by doing something relaxing like taking a warm shower or stretching.
  • To make up for the sleep you’re losing at night, try to take little naps throughout the day whenever you can.
  • Instead of using a device just before night, spend time reading a book or practicing meditation.
  • Before choosing a supplement or medications during pregnancy, consult with your physician.

When should you start using a pregnancy pillow while sleeping ?

Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow is not at all necessary. However, about 20 weeks into their pregnancy, the majority of pregnant women find it increasingly difficult to find a comfortable sleeping posture or are unable to change sleeping positions over without assistance. Instead of trying to build a cozy sleeping space using all the throw pillows stolen from your living room, now could be a good time to try a supportive pregnancy pillow. 


So in this blog we have covered how to sleep with pregnancy pillow along with reducing discomfort and enhancing sleep during pregnancy, a pregnancy pillow could be a useful tool. You may use a pregnancy pillow securely and efficiently by making the appropriate choice, using it as directed, following to recommended sleeping positions, speaking with your doctor, and regularly washing the pillow. We also covered how to sleep on pregnancy pillows of all shape. I hope this blog’s content helped you learn something useful. You are sure to discover something new about pregnancy-related care from this post.

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What are the benefits of pregnancy pillow ?

The primary reason for using a pregnancy pillow is comfort. Adding extra support where you require it enables you to maintain the greatest level of comfort during the months that the baby is developing inside of you. 

Where is the best place to put a pregnancy pillow while sleeping ?

To relieve the pressure on your lower back, use pregnancy pillow behind your back, beneath your tummy, and between your knees.

How to sleep with pregnancy pillow for hip pain ?

As you lay on your side, place the C-shaped pillow in front of you, with the end between your knees to provide you with front support. So, this way you can sleep with pregnancy pillow.

Can you use a pregnancy pillow to sleep on your back?

A pregnancy pillow makes it possible to lie on your side more comfortably and typically prevents flat-back sleeping. Pregnancy pillows that are U-shaped provide support for the front and back to prevent rolling into a flat-back posture. This is seen as safe even if you are slightly raised or supported in a more back-lying position.

Can i sleep with pregnancy pillow if i am not pregnant ?

Yes, you can sleep with pregnancy pillow even if you are not pregnant.

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