How to check pregnancy with Prega news ?

Welcome to our another blog, Today we will know how to check pregnancy with prega news in detail. We tried very well to describe how to use prega news kit and when to use. We also detailed on benefits of prega news and How it works ? Prega News is a test kit used for checking instant pregnancy . It has an accuracy rate of 99% for giving correct result. HCG means (Human chorionic gonadotropin) I hope you are on the right blog. Please be in this blog to experience good knowledge. This blog is written by our experts, who wrote well researched blog. I hope this blog will help you.

What is Prega news kit ?

Prega News is a test kit used for checking instant pregnancy whether you are pregnant or not from the comfort of your home. Prega News test kit is widely used as it gives instant result. This pregnancy test kit is best for those women who are planning to have baby or are looking to personalize their pregnancy status from the repletion of their homes. With a fast 2-minute time this Prega News Kit is a perfect tool to easily get confirmation of pregnancy.

How to use Prega News Kit ?

For checking instant pregnancy Prega news is the best kit. let’s understand in very easy and simple steps to use :-

  • In the morning collect the first urine sample in a clean and dry container.
  • Open the prega news kit and put the strip in a cool and dry place , keep away from sunlight or humid place.
  • Then use the dropper provided in the kit by putting three drops of urine on the test strip.
  • If there is any leakage, wipe it with silica granules.
  • Wait for 2mins for the test kit to show the result.
  • If you see two red lines on the strip (C and T ) it is positive means you are pregnant.
  • And if there is only one red line showing on the strip ( C ) It is negative you are not pregnant.
  • And if you see nothing on the strip it is an invalid test, you have to repeat it again.
  • If it shows only one red line on ( T )  that means there wasn’t enough HCG (pregnancy ) hormones present in the test or result. It is important to take the test with first urine of the day as it gives the most accurate result. However Prega News is best for giving accurate result.

What is the right time to use prega news kit ?

Know right time to use prega news kit for great result. If you missed your period then read the following :

  • A week after you missed your period.
  • You can use it anytime in the morning or evening but for best and accurate result do the test in the morning just after 10-15 days of unprotected intercourse.
  • Cramps it is same as menstrual cramp. If you don’t get you period, take a pregnancy test.
  • Breast Tenderness is also very common during start of pregnancy.
  • Above all this you may also feel Nausea And Vomiting , Body Cramps , Frequent Urination , Backaches , Food Craving , Fatigue. If these symptoms arise after missing period you can also take the pregnancy test.

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Benefits of using Prega news kit

There are many benefits of using Prega news kit :

  • Accuracy – It has an accuracy rate of 99% for giving correct result. Only 1% of test result can go wrong it is because of an early pregnancy as HCG level are so low that we can’t decide whether one is pregnant or not.
  • Time – This Prega News Kit gives you result in less than 2 minutes that          
  •  you are pregnant or not at home.
  • Easy to use – Prega News Kit is very easy and simple to use. Only 2-3 drops of urine sample is needed.
Prega news result

Safety information of Prega News kit

It is a medical product, So you must follow these safety guidelines before, while and after using prega news. These guidelines are following :

  • Discard the kit after use.
  • Do not use the product if it is expired as it will not give the accurate result.
  • Before using read the instructions carefully.
  • Also always confirm your result by professional lab test.
  • You cannot reuse a pregnancy test kit as it is meant for single use only.

What is home pregnancy test ?

Home Pregnancy Test means to figure out whether you are pregnant or not by checking the amount of HCG level in you urine. If you have missed your period then it’s right time to check your pregnancy using pregnancy test kit . These pregnancy test kit are very simple to use it can be somewhat accurate if you have used it properly .

The most common method to use this kit is to urinate on it or into a cup and pour a few drops of urine sample in the kit slot. After 2 minutes you can see the result by number of lines showing on it .

How Home Pregnancy Tests Work ?

The home pregnancy test works by identifying the HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) level in your urine. HCG is a hormone and is only produces by your placenta when you are pregnant. It appears shortly after the embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus. If you are pregnant these hormones will increase very fast. You can detect HCG level in your urine after 10 to 15 days of ovulation.

For accurate results – Use this pregnancy test kit just after missing your period , also the first urine of the day is best for exact result. The test accuracy is also affects by the quality and expiration date of the test strip’s , so always double sure by the expiration of the product before buying or using it .

Types of home pregnancy test

There are many ways by which we can check pregnancy at home :

  • First of all by using pregnancy test kit that are easily available at any pharmacy.
  • Using Sugar – Add 1tsp of sugar in a bowl and add few drops of urine in it. If HCG is present it will not dissolve the sugar easily and will form lumps in the urine that means you are pregnant and if the sugar dissolve in the urine means you are not pregnant.
  • Using Salt – Add 1tsp of salt and few drops of urine into a bowl or cup. Wait for 1-2min to see whether the salt or urine changes into fizz or become cheesy or thicker means you are pregnant. It’s not very sure but you can check it.
  • Baking Soda – Add 2tsp of baking soda in a cup with few drops of urine if bubble appears it’s positive result.
  • Bleach- Add little bit of bleach and urine sample into a bowl if it’s starts foaming it means you are pregnant.

Conclusion :

So, In this blog we captured the complete knowledge on How to check pregnancy on prega news with including more topics like what is the right time to use prega news and also it’s benefits. As we better know that it is a kind of home pregnancy test, So we also discussed on home pregnancy test. We hope this blog was sufficient for you.

If you really love our efforts on this topic then please share this valuable information with your friends or family. Also leave a comment if you have any more question related to this topic. we will surely solve your query. Thank you


Is Prega news 100% accurate ?

Not 100% but it comes with 99% accuracy rate. The result of Praga news is correct most of the time.

Which urine is best for pregnancy test ?

First morning urine is best for pregnancy test. It will give you best result because of sufficient HCG level in urine.

What is faint line on pregnancy test ?

The strength of the positive test line depends on how much hCG is in your urine. If the line is faint, it usually means that the hCG level is low.

When to use Prega news ?

You can use prega news on the first date of missing period or any other day after that.

What is C and T in Prega news ?

C and T are the Control and Test region in Prega news. If prominent pink lines appears on both C and T panel. It means you are confirmed pregnant.

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