Expectant Reddit User Offers Insightful Responses to Invasive Queries During Pregnancy

Navigating the minefield of pregnancy inquiries is like wading through a sea of unsolicited opinions and eyebrow-raising comments. It’s practically a given—you start showing, and suddenly everyone becomes a self-appointed pregnancy expert. From the classic “Are you sure it’s not twins?” to the downright offensive “Girls steal your beauty” shtick, people forget that pregnant folks are still, you know, people.

Ever been on the receiving end of these misguided gems? It’s like a crash course in patience. But fear not, because here’s your arsenal of snappy comebacks, courtesy of a savvy Reddit user who decided enough was enough. They kicked off a thread in the Baby Bumps subreddit, dishing out brutally honest answers to those cringe-worthy questions.

Take, for instance, the classic, “You haven’t felt the baby yet? You should’ve by now!” Respond with a deadpan, “Nope, are you implying my baby kicked the bucket in there?” That’ll wipe the smug look off their face.

And for those blessed with morning sickness that feels more like an all-day buffet of nausea and vomiting, shut down the naysayers with a sassy, “Awesome, now I feel even worse!” It’s the perfect cocktail of truth and sarcasm.

But wait, there’s more. Ever been told breastfeeding will magically snap your body back to pre-pregnancy glory? Hit back with, “Sure, but what if I’m in the 60% of women who can’t breastfeed as long as they want? Any genius solutions for that?”

The thread is a goldmine of clapbacks and eye-rolling anecdotes. Take the classic gem, “Sleep now, you’ll be tired when the baby comes!” to which a sleep-deprived mom-to-be fires back, “Thanks for the tip. I was planning on partying all night, maybe a single hour of sleep. Vodka shots, anyone?”

And let’s not forget the age-old, “Are you sure you’re not having twins?” A swift response: “Yes, I’m pretty sure. We’re not delivering babies with horse and buggy technology anymore.” Boom, roasted.

It’s not just about the belly interrogations; it’s the endless “How’s the baby?” queries while you’re still cooking. One mom-to-be is tempted to reply, “I don’t know, ask them yourself!” Another keeps it real with a nonchalant, “Alive, I think.” Classic.

This Reddit thread is a snapshot of the wild circus pregnant folks endure, and it’s time to stop the madness. Maybe, just maybe, if we all adopt these brutally honest responses, the unsolicited advice and cringe-worthy comments might just taper off. Here’s hoping.

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