Embracing Motherhood: Lessons Learned as a ‘Girl Mom’ That Transformed Me

Listen up, y’all, because I’ve got a tale to spin. Before I stepped into the world of motherhood, I had this notion—I’ll admit, a tad naïve—that it wouldn’t change me all that much. Sure, I knew my life would get flipped and rearranged, but deep down in my heart, I believed I’d stay me. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise.

It didn’t take long for reality to knock on my door like a persistent salesman. You see, motherhood ain’t no makeover; it’s a full-on transformation, the kind that leaves no stone unturned. My heart? Well, it’s now strutting around outside my body, doing a little cha-cha of its own. And as if that ain’t enough, I’m now Captain Responsible, steering the ship for a tiny human being. And guess what? She’s a girl.

Hold onto your hats, because my backstory is this: I was a lone gal amidst a band of brothers, a sporty universe of testosterone. Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore my family. But in the interests department, let’s just say I was the odd one out. So, when the universe decided to gift me a daughter, it was like a cosmic punchline. Shock? You betcha.

In the grand theater of my brain, I’d assumed that my life as a mom would involve more boys than I could count. After all, I’d spent a lifetime surrounded by ’em. A sister? Nah, that was a distant dream. So, when that 20-week scan unfurled the news—girl, it’s a girl—I was met with an orchestra of shock and a smidgeon of fear.

Why fear, you ask? Well, picture this: decades of self-esteem struggles and body blues. I’m talking about being a role model when self-kindness is a game I haven’t mastered yet. And let me tell you, these fears didn’t discriminate based on gender. But oh boy, did they hit home a little harder as a mom-to-be of a daughter.

But here’s the plot twist that life served up: over the year that my daughter Sadie’s graced my world, I stumbled upon lessons I didn’t even know I needed. Buckle up, because here’s the lowdown on what being a girl mom has taught me in this rollercoaster of a year:

  1. Kindness Starts at Home: Let’s talk self-love and the post-pregnancy blues. My body, bless it, went through a symphony of changes, and accepting the new me was like taming a wild beast. But guess what taught me kindness? Imagining Sadie going through the same turmoil someday. If she’s a masterpiece, then why shouldn’t I be kind to the canvas that created her? It’s a makeover of the heart, one that’s worth every brushstroke.
  2. Uniqueness is the New Norm: Society’s beauty norms? I’ve given them a hard side-eye since Sadie entered the scene. My revelation? We’re living in a glorious carnival of diversity, and embracing uniqueness is the name of the game. Makeup? Yeah, it’s cool, but it’s for me. I’m all about celebrating my individuality, inside and out. You see, I’m the first stop on Sadie’s journey of self-discovery, and I want her to know that being unique is her superpower.
  3. Teaching by Learning: Motherhood, my friends, is like sculpting a masterpiece from clay. My masterpiece? A daughter who embodies kindness, confidence, and self-love. It’s like striving to raise a version of myself that I’d be proud of. You know, the confident, kind, unique rockstar that I want her to become. It’s a journey that’s as much about her as it is about me.

Sure, Sadie’s just turned a year old, and she’s got a lifetime of adventures ahead. But here’s the kicker: even in these moments where she’s busy with square blocks and round holes, my biggest evolution has been right here, within me. As I mold her into a better version of herself, I’m learning to do the same for me. Call it a two-for-one deal, a symphony of growth that’s playing on repeat. So here’s to girl power, mom lessons, and a journey that’s just getting started!

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