Who we are ?

Mom and Baby is a U.S based health educational website. With stage-by-stage material and professional guidance. Mom and Baby provides parents the facts and figures on conception, pregnancy, delivery, and infants.

Our mission

Our mission is to help all families especially women’s as they traverse the early years of parenthood, we give real-life counseling and a multi-platform digital experience with the goal of empowering parents and parents-to-be. As Pregnancy plays a very important role in women’s life so we‘re trying to educate women’s getting good care before, during, and after your pregnancy.

Why choose us

You should choose Mom and Baby as your go-to resource for information on health and parenthood for a number of important reasons :

Timely updates We deliver timely information to the readers with the most recent and important updates in the health sector.

Quality content – Subject-matter specialists with years of expertise write our articles. We provide high-quality, exhaustively researched content that is both fascinating and enlightening.

  • Articles written by experts on pregnancy, delivery, and raising a child.
  • Breaking news on the newest studies, safety warnings, and popular topics.
  • We are a team of keen health motivated women.

Founder’s voice

Hi , I am Farhat Naz, Founder of Momndbaby.com, After lots of observation in our society. I realized that most of the women are not aware about selfcare during and after pregnancy very well. I believe that being pregnant is a blessing from god in our life.

So, it’s a responsibility of every women to take care of her self and the baby. That’s why I started Momndbaby.com to provide you all the educational blog related to health. I know it’s a small step for this important issue. I am trying on my level best and I hope one day millions of health conscious readers will appreciate this small step : )

Thanks for visiting here , I wish you all the best for your life. Stay healthy : )

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